You become aware, very gradually, of two things. There is something gritty pressed against your body, and you are extremely thirsty.
When you open your eyes, you find you are, in fact, laying nearly naked on what seems to be a beach. A little more examination reveals that there are others on the beach with you in a similar state. The tattered remains of what used to be your clothing are recognizable as a uniform of some kind, but one you’re not familiar with. The others all bear a mark, emblazoned directly on the skin of their left deltoid and you discover you bear it as well. You don’t remember what it is or where it came from. In fact, you have no memory of where you are or how you came to be here, wherever it is.
Wait! What’s your name? You can’t remember anything about yourself!
Further Exploration reveals you to be on a very small island with no land in sight. There is a very small cave roughly at the center of the island. Inside is a tiny trickle of water.
There seems to be absolutely nothing else here but the small group of you, bearing identical brands on your skin. Judging by the position of the sun very close to the horizon, it is either very early morning, or very late at night. It soon becomes apparent that it is, in fact, morning. This presents you with a rather large problem, as there is absolutely no cover anywhere in sight and the temperature is already exceedingly high.
After a grueling day of extreme temperatures with no shade, consuming as much water as you are able to retrieve from the cave with no containers, one of you finally spots a ship in the distance. It is built very low to the water and has neither sail, nor oar to propel it, yet it is moving rapidly. Perhaps it is chance that they spot you, but spot you on the island they do. A longboat is lowered into the water and rowed towards you, as they approach, you find the crew to be dwarves. They pull up a good distance from shore and call out to you, asking if you are shipwrecked, or tresspassers? (This is the point where the game will actually begin).

I bid you welcome to the world of Terrah (pronounced Ter-RAH). After some discussion, I have agreed to lift the restriction on arcane classes. If you truly wish to play one, you may. However, I will again caution all of you that magic in general is viewed very poorly and distrusted, if not outright feared, in most of the world you will be in. To compensate for this, to some degree, we have created a feat that is available at 1st level. Concealed Casting I would also caution you against any race that is either blatantly arcane in nature, or may be perceived as such by the lay-people of the world. Furthermore, all magic is viewed in this manner, including Divine. Clerical powers are tolerated, but frowned upon. Bardic magic is tolerated largely because most people do not view it as magical at all. In addition, though it will not become apparent until much later in the game, practitioners of magic, both arcane and divine, will be at a severe disadvantage. I will not go into detail on how at this point, as your character are not aware of this fact.
Character generation is 4d6, re-roll 1’s keep the three highest numbers. A roll of four natural 6’s constitutes a score of 19. Maximum hit points at first level, with no money or equipment, as is obvious from the introduction above. Furthermore, I am requesting that each of you choose a single weapon that is your preferred weapon. It may be any weapon your race/class combination allows you to be proficient in, but you must choose it in advance.
Any and all rules from Pathfinder are acceptable. I will be referencing the Pathfinder SRD at this location for everything, as I do not own any of the books.
It was inquired whether Elves were considered a magical race. They are not.
One final note that is a significant change is that >all< Player Characters have the Swim skill as a class skill. Thus, if you have ranks in it, you receive the +3 bonus.

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